Photo Booths are ridiculously fun to use.  Ever see anyone leave without a smile on their face and a photo to share? 


Customers are sharing their experiences to their ever growing social circle.  They're looking for experiences worth sharing and you're looking for ideas to get their attention. We recommend you don't wait until your competition is already doing it. This is a great way to reach your audience and get that coveted spot in their social media feed.



Interactive marketing at it's best. Large events like festivals and concerts are huge opportunities to introduce your company to large groups. When there is so much activity going, it can be too overwhelming to notice a banner hanging off a stage... But your very own photo booth picture or Boomerang is hardly forgettable. Make their first and every experience with your company memorable.

Every event worth planning is an event worth sharing.  Digital Photo Booths excel at branding simply because the experience is always so fun that the positive experience reinforces your brand with every picture taken and every picture shared.



Cotton Candy Melody Boomerang.gif


Give your clients an experience so fun and unique that they will WANT to share it.

Provide your clients with the photo booth and watch them create content all while having a blast.


When your target market likes something, don't let the other companies give it to them first. Show them you are not blind to their likes and dislikes.


Corporate Holiday Party Photo Booth HD P


Do you like parties?

Your employees do. 

Your employees morale can make a huge impact on your company. They are the wheels that keep the machine going.


When it's time for the annual company picnic or holiday party, reward them with something special.

Let them know you appreciate them with a little photo booth surprise.. Even if the party is a short one, a photo strip goes a long way in extending the feelings of that day..

There is no bigger brand ambassador for your brand than your staff itself. Keep them happy, build team morale, and make a few memories on the process.



We're making it into their inboxes. Are you?

Wedding gold heart Cookies and photo boo


When is it a good time to use photo booth prints for business? All events are different, but normally they are great ice breakers with potential clients. 

We highly recommend doing this for events where you will be able to interact with your client at least for a brief moment.

 You can add coupons to photo booth strips, but small photo booth strips can get lost easily during very large events, We suggest small, medium, or holiday events. Guests are more likely to be attached to the holiday itself and care of the picture

For large events, we recommend using the DIGI Photo Booth. Unlike photo strips that can get lost during the event, it is highly unlikely that the digital copy will be lost.

The DIGI Booth also allows customers to sign up for your email list when retrieving their images,

As an added plus, the DIGI Booth  will also move lines faster allowing you to reach more people per event.

Unicorn digital mask photo booth.jpg


Every company is unique, but when you do cotton candy events, your marketing has to feel vibrant, taste sweet, and even look sweet. 

Cotton Candy Melody, opening spring 2019, has already used the DIGI Booth for exposure to her target market. Yasmin, the owner, saw the possibilities and decided to use  green screen backgrounds with bold colors and wild colorful digital props.


She encouraged customers to use digital props to express how the cotton candy made them feel. 

This was also a great branding opportunity where she was able to show off her talent and also educate customers on what to expect in terms of quality and customer service.

 This left her brand new company with plenty of marketing material  that is original, vibrant, full of color, and a lot of content that's is both different but all within the same theme.  

Does cotton candy make you feel like a unicorn too?


A Hearts Desires Bridal Santa Maria Gran


Millennial are getting married!


A Hearts Desires Bridal in Santa Maria held their Grand opening on December of 2018. The owner, Imelda, is trying to meet the demand of millennial brides in search of the perfect wedding dress .  As the central coast becomes one of the most popular wedding destinations, we are seeing an increased demand for vendors to meet their demands and expectations.

The Gif photo booth was used for the grand opening to  delivers the fun of the experience, a print with their logo as a gift, and also to meet the expectations of the millennial social media life. Due to the high resolution of the photo booth camera, The GIF Photo Booth was also able to take full body shots that showcased the dresses of the fashion show.

Is it finally your turn?

Specializing in event photography and corporate digital marketing events.

 For companies that are ready to take charge of their social media game, we can also provide a fully branded vinyl wrapped permanent installation ready to plug in and play. 


Providing shareable experiences is now a daily event in shops all around the world. Why not allow your customers to create the content for you.With branded content and data capture working hand in hand. Your target segmentation and company positioning will be right on point in no time.

Ask us what we can do for your business. We'll be happy to answer questions and design a couple mock-ups in the photo booth to give you an idea of some possibilities.

With all that we offer, we expect there will be questions. So ask away. We're ready for you :)



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