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If you visit Pinterest as much as we do, then you have probably seen those gorgeous Forest / Fairy tale Weddings. You know, the one with the luscious green trees, and just the right amount of sun rays cutting through the trees, all under a sunny blue sky. obviously. But did you know that we actually have a perfect venue for that type of wedding right here in the Central Coast?

Give Tiber Canyon Ranch a call to set up a tour today. :D  This place has everything! - Open Sky with nice view of the moon and stars.- Large rustic themed deck - Rustic tree balcony (for the bouquet toss) -Bride cabin and a Groom cabin for the pre-wedding shots. -A view overlooking both, the valley and the California mountain range! - A ton of picture perfect spots. And all of this, right in the middle of a fairy-like forest setting.


And as it turns out, Chris’ own daughter was the first bride to get married at Tiber Canyon. The owners, Chris and Will are a pleasure to talk to. With Chris’ experience as a founder of NPR’s own Live Oaks Festival, and their mutual love for nature, they weren't about to miss the opportunity to do something amazing for their daughter. We would probably even guess that Tiber Canyon is a lucky place to get married considering how many of Chris and Will’s friends joined them in their dream to build a magical venue for their daughter. Here, at Fancy Pants, we believe that love lingers where it was once shared… and a lot of people came together, here, for love… and now they share it with the world. <3


The only way this place could be more magical is if fireflies suddenly started showing up and landing on all the guests … well, we can always dream. Right? Haha! :) <3


Property Size 50 acres

Maximum guest number 150

Bride Cabin

Groom Cabin

Deck with view

Round Dining Area with open skies

Cocktail Hour / Dance Area

Balcony for Bouquet Toss

Why we love Tiber Canyon Ranch:

Gorgeous Venue

Beautiful Weather

Tiber Canyon is great to work with

(brides also seem to love them)

Tiber Canyon Ranch Website

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