@2019 - D.Otoko Designs

How many pictures does the photo booth print?
The Photo Booth will print out photo booth 2x6 strip for every single person in the session

Do you do custom designs?
-Yes! We can customize your photo booth strips, your props, and even some photo booths themselves. Give us a wedding theme or company logo and we'll make you a custom photo booth design for your event!

What's the Text-to-Phone feature?
-You can send your digital photo strip picture to your phone right from the booth!

Does the DIGI Booth also print pictures?
No. At the moment the DIGI Booth is only digital and totally fun.

What areas/counties do you service?
We are located in San Luis Obispo but we also service Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Monterey and, San Francisco.  

Do you offer a non-profit, charity, or military discount?
Yes!  we offer 10% off to military, firefighters, charities, and senior citizens over 65.

When will you arrive at the event?
For Weddings, we usually arrive between 4 and  1 1/2 hours ahead of start time. For other events, usually 2 -1 1/2 hours ahead of start time.

- For the DIGI Booth, about 30 minutes before the event begins

Do you charge for the set-up time?
No. We only charge for the hours that the photo booth will be open and available to 
your guests. No hidden fees.

What are custom props?
Custom props are handheld signs with wording specifically for your event. For example, a wedding event would receive 4 signs with the wording specific to the bride and groom's wedding.  (ex. Mr & Mrs Smith, signs with wedding date, etc)

-For companies, this would include 4 handheld prop signs with a logo, slogan, etc. 

Will there be someone with the photo booth during your rental?
Yes. There will always be 2 team members (1 tech support, 1 guest relations) present for the duration of your photo booth rental. 

-The DIGI Booth will have at least 1 team member available during the photo booth rental, unless the rental is long term, in which case and IT member will be available for service calls during business hours for the entirety of the rental. 

Can the photo booth be placed outdoors?
Yes. But we require a few things. 1. A Power source within 30 ft from the photo booth  2. We have to be on a flat surface. Cable management can be compromised with gravel and high heels.  3. You must have a back-up spot indoors in case of weather (rain, extreme heat etc.) 4. We need to be under a tent or other cover. 

-Do you do corporate marketing or activations?
Yes. the photo booth is an amazing tool for branding, marketing campaings, and super fun at activations. Message us to request the newest CORPORATE B2B Catalog. Have fun exploring all the possibilities !

How do the payment plans work?
- You can split your entire balance into monthly payments that get charged automatically each month. Without you having to lift a finger.. In order to qualify for payment plans, on your first invoice you will need to save your credit card information in order for the automation to begin. We do not secure your date until we receive the first payment and sign the service agreement.
-You can sign the service agreement/contract on your phone or computer, 
-The way we figure out your monthly payment amount is by dividing your total balance by the number of months that we agreed upon. We do not charge you a fee or increase the pricing in any way for using the payment plans.

Can I pay online?
-Yes you can. You can actually do the entire booking process right from your phone :D #

How much space do you need for the photo booth? ( Photo Booth, Backdrop/enclosure, Decor, and Prop table)
-Enclosed Booth requires minimum 6' deep x 10' wide x 8 1/2 high
-Open PhotoBooth requires minimum 12' deep x 13' wide x 8' tall
-The DIGI Booth doesn't always include a backdrop or other items. This is the most compact photo booth set-up. The DIGI Photo Booth still requires minimum 5' deep x 5' wide x 8' tall.

If you have any other concerns, just send us a message and we'll be happy to answer your questions. :)