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For anyone having their wedding here, you just have to get a drone for your wedding! Oyster Ridge at Ancient Peaks is gorgeous any way you look at it. The views are striking as soon as you arrive. And keep in  mind that we are using pictures taken in winter. From down below you can see row after row of vibrant grape vines and mountains against a gorgeous open sky. It's funny how Oyster Ridge is so secluded/private, and yet it's so wide open at the same time. The sunsets are glorious and combined with the venue location, it's just so dramatic #love

Oyster Ridge at Ancient Peaks Winery is also versatile. A wedding would be beautiful, but company parties actually do great here as well. In fact, Fancy Pants Photo Booth initially found out about them through a nation wide hotel company that hired us for their company party. We ended up loving the place!

The venue is still on the newer side so it's only getting more and more amazing with each day... especially with spring coming up. Can you imagine the view?  :) We can't wait to drive down to Santa Margarita again to visit this venue. Maybe we'll see you there!



 Co-owned by

Ancient Peaks Winery,

Margarita Vineyard

and the historic Santa Margarita Ranch

Guests 50-250

Large Indoor Area

Covered Outdoor area

Ceremony Area

Amazing Sunsets

Why we love Oyster Ridge at Ancient Peaks Winery:

Secluded Location

The staff is great

Amazing scenery!

Oyster Ridge at Ancient Peaks Winery Website

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