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If you're looking for a wedding photo booth, check this page out.


It will give you an idea of what our services entail and what to expect from your photo booth on your wedding day.

We think you'll like it :)

You set the date.

We bring the party.

Check out the most popular dates for photo booth parties in San Luis Obispo.

Choose your theme, and let's have fun!




Take a look at the way the photo booth industry is already partnering up with businesses to breach the gap between the businesses and their most important audience:  clients and employees.

See how other businesses are providing their clients and employees an experience that is both; memorable and shareable. 

and why it matters. 

Every year Fancy Pants Photo Booth has a Non-Profit Contest where we gift a few photo booth rentals to a few local non-profits. 

Take a peek to see what other perks we have in store for non-profits.