@2019 - D.Otoko Designs

  • Kat S

Viva Las Vegas! First Photo Booth Expo Ever!

We just came back from Sin City!

Las Vegas just hosted the first ever Photo Booth Expo in history... So of course we had to Go. It was soooo much fun. Nothing like getting a bunch of people who party for a living together in Vegas!

We loved all the awesome-shiny-new photo booths... and props... and new interactive mirrors? AND nail photo printing? Oh yeah, I think we saw the future! At the very least, we saw what is coming soon to our own Fancy Pants Photo Booth future. And it looks really fun!

We also met people coming from far away. Places like Hawaii and even South Africa. We met some of the biggest names in the industry, and got to learn how to make our photo booths even MORE fun! We didn't realize it was posssible, but we are glad we can, beacuse who doesn't love fun? (Other than Grumpy cat, am I right!?)

Well, we definitely have more plans to implement, and become the most AWESOME Photo Booth Company EVER!

Oh yeah, we also lost a bit of money gambling, but only a little ;)