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Bridal Season has arrived at our photo booth headquarters!

Hi Fancy Friends! We are just now exiting our "slow season". However, you were really good at keeping us on our toes this winter. There is definitely something special that fills us up with pride anytime that somebody throws a challenge our way (like an event with only 24 hrs heads up. LOL ) and we end with very happy photo booth clients. Somehow some of your reviews and emails just make us feel like Superman, and we thank you for those amazing moments. You guys are so niiice! And now that we are entering Bridal Season, we expect to be quite quite busy, seeing the crazy increase in calls in the last couple of weeks. By now the catalog has been released publicly and, and if you don't have it you can download it here. And so..., here at Fancy Pants Photo Booth world we are now in full bridal season mode and are ready for the hurricane full of love that's ahead of us. So just wanted to drop by and say -Thank you for supporting us, for trusting us with your amazing life moments, and for making this year even more promising.- And if you see the 2016 Bridal Season showing it's pretty face around, Let her know that we said "Let it begin! Let it begin! LET IT BEGIN!" Till next time, Friends!