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  • Kat S

VIVA LAS VEGAS! Photo Booth Expo 2016

We are finally settled back at our headquarters of mayhem. Ohh and we have some fun fun stuff coming up! Ok, so we attended the Photo Booth Expo in Las Vegas this year again... and we already bought our tickets to next years expo as well. And yes, while we do love Las Vegas as much as the next guy, we actually love going for the expo. For instance, this year we got to see some great speakers talk about how to increase customer satisfaction, and if you know us, you know we like to shine in that aspect ;) We also got to take a picture in practically all the photo booths in the world! *insert maniacal laugh right here* ok, so it was more like anybody who is anybody in the photo booth world was there, and showing off their latest and greatest photo booth gear... and we tried it all! So what did we try? GIF Photo Booths (which we already offer) Green Screen Photo Booths (which we also already offer) Light Painting Morphing... (what?!?!) And Slow Motion photo booths It was so much fun to try all these new things. We were like kids in a candy shop! And then, we went to shop for souvenirs because well... Vegas. Since the whole Fancy Pants Team attended the expo this year, some of us needed cat sitters (or maybe just me) so we had to bring some awesome people, Thank You gifts. Without their cat sitting abilities, not everybody would've attended, so THANK YOU Linda and Mike! Did we gamble? Sure, why not. Did we gamble the whole company away? No Way! Why gamble when you can invest. Oh and we invested in our lovely clients, you. So get ready because this year we are introducing..... *drum roll* Light painting!!! Morphing!!! And Slow motion!! Yes, we got it ALL!!! *insert maniacal laugh right here as well... and some lightning* So we are very excited and cannot wait till everything is ready to go. We will keep everybody updated. :) In the meantime, keep and eye out for an email from us. And if you haven't signed up to our Fancy Pants email list, you should do it now. You really don't want to miss what coming ;)