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Do I get a copy of all the pictures?

You sure do!

The really cool thing about booking a photo booth is always being able to go through the gallery and see all the crazy shenanigans that happen. Its just plain fun really. So if you were wondering what's the norm, here's where we stand when it comes to getting you some cool photos with either the Standard Photo Booth or the GIF Photo Booth.

  • For your guests -During the event: We will print a copy for every single person in the picture, not just two lonely little prints. So no need to fight over who gets to keep the prints :)

  • For your guests -During the event: there will be a social sharing kiosk where your friends can send their picture to their phone or their social media.

  • For you -As soon as the event is over, we download your photo booth images to a thumb drive to hand over to you or your coordinator immediately!

  • For you and guests -Within 48 hrs after the party, you'll get a personalized 6 month online gallery that you can share with all your guests. This gallery even includes the individual images in full size!

  • For you and guests -For an entire 6 months, You can download all your images from your personal gallery with a secret password that you can share with your guests!

  • For you and guests -Make reprints at home! Since you have access to ALL your pictures, you can make a collage and print it right in your home or office. Personally, we love putting those pictures on coffee mugs... but we really like coffee, so maybe that's just us :)

The details on printing, image downloads, and even just access to a sharing kiosk for your guests will vary a lot between different photo booth companies, which is why this is a great question to ask and also fun to answer knowing just how much we offer.

If you want to see a checklist between the photo booth options, you can request the full catalog here and get it emailed immediately. It might come in handy when trying to figure out what to ask other companies and also how everybody stacks up compared to your budget, needs, and wants :)

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