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Do you charge for set-up?


We most definitely refuse to do that. We really don't like the thought of charging you for doing something that we need to do anyway in order to provide you the service you paid us for. See what I mean there?

For instance, for a wedding we will set a booth aside for you for the entire day! There are so many variables in special events that can potentially arise without any notice. We really like to have the freedom to set-up and prepare with plenty of time and eliminate as many risks possible without having to nickle and dime you for every hour that we're there and the photo booth is not even open.

One instance that comes to mind is a wedding in Monterey, CA a few years back. The limo driver was a whole hour late! The church had to wait for the bride to arrive for an hour with all the guests waiting and wondering about the delay. Everything was running behind after that. During cocktail hour the photographer tried to cram in all the shots the couple wanted along with all the group portraits at the garden. They had reserved it for a specific time frame, you know, for those sunset photos that we all love, but were now and hour late. While at the actual wedding reception, the venue got news that everything was running at least 1 hr behind. The bride had hired us for 2 hrs at the very beginning of her party. If everybody arrived an hour later than our "scheduled" time line, that would mean she just lost half of her time. But we all know just how important this day is to our brides, and she had just had a stressful start to her wedding day! We were not going to be "that photo booth that closed up right after the bride just got there because her misfortune didn't align with our schedule".

No sir.

Not us.

We ended up being open for a little less than half hour for their late arrival for cocktail hour. We then closed for dinner and speeches but re-opened right after that for the remaining hour and a half. That's how we managed to get them the most use out of their photo booth instead of missing out entirely on half of her rental.

There was also a Birthday party in Buellton, CA recently where everybody was having so much fun that we were asked to stay a couple extra hours. They wanted to keep the party going so they paid right there and then with their smartphones. Having a photo booth set aside for the entire day allows for that. There is no other event that we need to run to and leave you hanging.

And it's those little details that we keep in mind because it really does matters.

We know that you might only be booking us for a few hours, but we are prepared to roll with the punches. And we can only do that by starting at the basic principle that we will be the ones responsible for making sure that we have the best environment in which to succeed. That starts by taking plenty of time to make sure everything on our end is covered and running as smooth as possible and we're prepared.

So instead of putting all that pressure on you to fit our required hourly "set-up" fee into your budget, we take that off your hands and instead interpret it as an investment in our company. We trust that by making sure that your event runs as smooth as possible, it will keep you coming back to us for all your future milestones


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