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Do you do Outdoor Events?

We often get asked if the photo booth can be placed outdoors. The answer is


The photo booth is great outdoors for a variety of events. However, because we have this thing called "weather", we do have a few requirements in case of rain or other precautions that will come in handy.

  • -Within 30 feet of a power source because you know, photo booths use electricity ;)

  • -Have a back-up plan for moving indoors in case of rain, once again, because photo booths use electricity :P

  • -And we can go more in details once you've booked your venue.

These photo booth events take us to all sorts of venues, so it's likely that we have done an event at your venue and can give you some insight as to what to expect, or even suggest the perfect location for the photo booth. Hopefully we can save you or your coordinator some time trying to figure out if we are within a power source, or other little quirks that come up during the event planning process.

Also, check out our preferred vendors page. We actually offer a special discount if you book with any of our preferred vendors. The events just run so much more smooth and flawless with these guys. It's really a pleasure to work with them :)